Are Weight Loss Pills Safe?

Weight loss pills have mesmerizing marketing pick up lines that are used by most diet supplements manufacturers. They do appeal everyone. Whether these pills work or not, but one thing for sure is that these companies know how to play with a mind. After all who doesn’t want to lose weight and to look good? The question is not that whether it is safe but does it work? Let us start from the beginning.

What Do Weight Loss Pills Contain?

While dietary supplements can be used for weight gain, our concern is usually with the use of weight loss supplements.

These weight loss pills contain various ingredients. FDA does not approve most of the components for their effectiveness and safety. This result in the increase in its side effects.

Some of the ingredients used in weight loss supplements are:

• Caffeine
• Bitter orange
• Calcium
• Chitosan

The problem is that most of the pills contain multiple of these ingredients which make it difficult to isolate them. A lot of times supplements will contain synthetic fillers with a shallow dose or none of the genuine nutrients within the product. Many pharma companies will do this to keep product cost low and make a high profit on their consumer.

What are the Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills?

In general, these weight loss supplements have many side effects like:

• Headache
Hypertension which can also lead pulmonary hypertension
• Dizziness and lack of appetite
• Dry mouth
• Anorexia
• Diarrheas

These are the side effects that most of the people reported after daily taking weight loss pills. After having the knowledge of all these complications still, the use of weight loss pills have increased since past few years. One must keep it in mind that FDA does not have to support any of them to be used over the counter.

Are Weight Loss Pills Safe To Use?

Still planning on using weight loss supplements? There are many risk factors associated with weight loss supplements that you should be aware of that we will continue to discuss in this article.

No Guarantee

FDA has not approved for any of such drugs effectiveness. This means that there is no ensure that it can help you in any way.

False Claims

The company that claims that you can lose weight. Don’t believe them at any cost. Most of these allegations end in nothing but you wasting your lots of money and time.

Frequent Side Effects

These drugs contain more than one ingredient, which means that you can have multiple side effect. This can be worse for some people who are allergic to one of its component. So make a smart and don’t trust everything.

Addiction and Death

These drugs alter your appetite and brain activity. It means you can get addicted to them. These drugs can also cause death as it increases the risk of heart attack. It causes this by increasing blood pressure and heart rate. Using weight loss supplement has not helped many people. It just helps them in losing more of their money. Most of these companies lie about the effectiveness of their drug.


In conclusion, to lose weight, it is also recommended to stick to a healthy diet, such as paleo diet. A paleo diet is both effective in weight loss and delicious.