5 Reasons to Add Fiber to Your Diet

Arguably, a majority of people don’t think of fibers as exciting foods, but this research about the benefits of high fiber will help change your mind.

Eating foods that are high in fiber helps to deliver many health benefits. In this article, we will review advantages of high fiber foods which will surely encourage you to get your fill.

1. Weight Loss

If you can maintain an increase in your fiber intake or even if it’s the only dietary change you’ll consider, you are guaranteed to shed pounds.

According to a recent study by the Annals of Internal Medicine, dieters who were given no other dietary parameters apart from at least 30 grams of fiber on a daily basis, lost a significant amount of weight. In fact, the result shows that they almost lost the same amount as those that were put on a much more complicated diet that consisted of limiting calories, salt, sugar, upping fruit, fat veggie as well as whole-grain consumption.

2. Maintain a Healthier Weight Over Time

Yes, high fiber foods will not only help you lose weight but also help you avoid putting those pounds back on. Various studies show that people who consume a higher percentage of fiber tend to be leaner than those who don’t. Also, at Georgia State University, recent research made it clear that mice put on fiber lacking diets—(mostly soluble fiber) had more body fat and gained weight when compared with mice that were not lacking fiber.

3. Lower Your Odds of Heart Disease

Review of 22 studies published shows that; for every daily consumption of at least 7 grams of fiber, your risk of heart disease decreases by 9 percent. This partially owes to that fact that fiber has the ability to sop up excess cholesterol in your system and ship before it begins clogging your arteries.

4. Cut Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk

It is no more news that High fiber foods consumption helps to cut your type 2 diabetes risk. In fact, it is a well-established fact. Recently, 19 analytical studies found that people who ate the most fiber (over 26 grams on a daily basis) compared to those who consumed the least (less than 19 grams daily) lowered their chances of the disease by 18 percent.

5. Promotes Healthier Bones

Some varieties of soluble fiber, precisely dubbed “pre-biotics” that are found in foods such as leeks, asparagus, soybeans, oats, and wheat are proven to increase the bioavailability of minerals such as calcium in the foods you eat, which may promote healthier bones by maintaining its density.