6 Benefits of Yoga

Arguably, a lot of us attend weekly yoga classes, which are of great benefits for our general health condition and wellbeing. However, if you practice yoga on a daily basis, the health benefits to reap are immeasurable. The fantastic part of yoga is the fact that it’s easy to squeeze in just 15 minutes of your time daily to do it.
Below are some of the daily benefits of yoga.


Yoga helps to improve the flexibility, posture muscle and strength of the muscle
Practicing Yoga on a regular basis helps to tone and stretch the muscles of your body. There are a couple of poses such as the plank which can help to strengthen your legs, arms, abs, and shoulders. The point is; Yoga can be practiced at all levels of ability, so you don’t have to be super flexible before you to practice it.

2. Weight Loss

Yoga is very effective for weight loss, and you don’t have to learn hot yoga to lose weight. Your metabolic system will be fueled by everyday gentle yoga practice. Thus burn fat and lead to weight loss.

3. Better all-round level of fitness

When it comes to fitness improvement, a lot of people talk of huffing and puffing away at the gym as the only way to achieve this, but in the real sense of it, that is not necessarily the only way fitness can be obtained. In a safe, more holistic and peaceful approach, yoga will give you all that a gym can offer you.

4. Increase your energy

Spending a few minutes of yoga exercise every day will keep you looking fresh for longer and provide that much-needed energy boost in our day to day busy lives.
So when your reserves are running low, you should consider Yoga due to its unique synergy of breaths and bodywork.

5. Reduce stress

Nowadays, lunch-time yoga sessions are now supported by many workplaces. This is because yoga has been seen as an amazing stress buster. However, experts suggest that yoga practice should be made up of three major elements, namely; poses, breathing, and meditation. Several studies reveal that when you regularly practice all the three elements mentioned above, your heart-rate variability (HRV) will be regulated better than other methods.

6. Builds muscle strength

Having strong muscles do more than just looking good. Healthy muscles protect us from a number of issues, such as back pain and arthritis. Yoga also helps to prevent elderly people from falls. It is a unique practice in the sense that when you build strength through yoga practice, you equally balance it with flexibility. Meanwhile, going through the regular Gym weights lifting practice might help you build strength at the expense of flexibility.