5 Ways to Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is believed to be the most common cause of death in women all over the globe. Research states that one out of every eight women is at the risk of developing breast cancer early or later in her life.

The statistics alone are enough to initiate a panic alert in women, young and elderly alike. With the breast cancer rate soaring at such an alarming rate, oncologists are trying to raise awareness on how to lower risk for cancer within the breast.

Our bodies are physically different, and so is our internal metabolism that is responsible for our health. Depending upon our health and surrounding living conditions and environment, the types of breast cancer can vary in different women.

Breast Cancer is very likely to develop in later years of life, that is when a mature woman goes through menopause. It is the fluctuation in the levels of estrogen (a steroid hormone), which is likely to trigger the development of breast cancer. It is better to start out young and seek medical assistance on how to lower risk of cancer, then regret later in life!

The lifestyle choices that we make can, in one way or another, have an inevitable impact on our later life.

Consume a Balanced Diet

The most common question posed to oncologists is, can foods reduce the risk of breast cancer? The response is usually partial. General observations indicate that overweight and obese women are more likely to develop cancer as well as various other disease. To overcome such a plight in future, doctors recommend healthy eating. Consuming vegetables with low starch content are suggested to ensure light diet. Include more leafy green vegetables, garlic, proteinaceous legumes, green tea and citrus fruits in your diet.

Breastfeed Your Child

Young mothers are usually skeptical of breastfeeding their young ones due to either their strict work schedules or even just relying on milk formulas. Breastfeeding not only supports and improves the child’s passive immunity through the mother, but breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer by playing a pivotal role in keeping the mammary glands in check by restricting them to their role in milk production and lowering the estrogen levels in the female body.

Restrain Alcohol Consumption

Scientists have observed that women who tend to drink more alcohol are more prone to developing breast cancer later in life. Alcohol consumption should be curbed early in life to prevent the heightened chance of acquiring breast cancer.

Steer Clear of Radiations in the Environment

As absurd as it may sound, radiation in the environment can result in mutations in the human genetic code, resulting in tumorous growths in the body. These mutations might occur due to prolonged tanning sessions in the sun, or even through unnecessary and unprotected contact with X-ray machines. It is important to wear protective clothing and sunscreen to shield yourself from these environmental factors.

Get a Yourself Checked

Look out for any unusual lumps in your breasts yourself, or seek medical assistance and book an appointment for a mammogram with your doctor. If the physician does detect any abnormal growth in your breasts, you can undergo the recommended treatment and eventually beat breast cancer in the early stages without much effort and worry.


Lifestyle choices, genetic heredity, and environmental factors can have a significant influence on our body’s ability to either acquire or avert breast cancer. The ways as mentioned above to lower the risk of breast cancer ensure that you embrace a healthy lifestyle and defeat breast cancer.

Pro-tip: Engaging in a healthy diet with exercise can lower risk of not only cancer, but disease such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.