Military Chaplain Shares Biblical Health Guide

Simon White, a military chaplain,  has found a way for his followers to be able to incorporate religious beliefs and faith into a diet plan. This diet has been noted as not only effective, but also easy to follow for Christians.

Father White found what is now called the “holy grail” of diets. The diet is based off of three key ingredients most households – regardless of religion – already have in their pantry. In fact, masses of advocates of this diet have noticed a dramatic change in their overall appearance.

Benefits of this diet include:

  • Suppressing Hunger Cravings

  • Melting Away Stubborn Fat

  • Detoxing and Ridding the Body of Dangerous Toxins

  • Speeding Up the Metabolism and Burning Calories Through Out the Day

This simple, easy, and affordable remedy is a concoction of three spices made into a tea to drink at a particular time where your body absorbs the nutrients and speeds up the fat melting process.