Arthritis Pain Remedies – Overcome Pain

Arthritis is a term used to represent joints disorder. In this sort of disease, your joints become stiff resulting in a lot of pain. Arthritis usually affects the joints of hands fingers hips and knees it might affect other organs as well.

Common symptoms of arthritis also might include redness and swelling on joints. According to a study, this disease gets common with the growing age, and around 20% of the individuals in the United States suffer from arthritis. To overcome this problem doctors and researchers have suggested some remedies which we will discuss in this article. 

Using Tools to Open Packaging

Using scissors or other related instruments to open different packaging would be helpful for a patient who has arthritis. By using scissors, patients would move his hand and fingers joints in the right direction which would be useful in removing any stiffness among these joints. Doctors suggest that exercise is essential for arthritis patients so doing it on a regular basis will give joints enough exercise to eliminate any disorder.

Staying Away From Processed Food

Staying away from processed foods is also crucial to overcome arthritis pain. According to doctors, processed food contains advanced glycation end products which are harmful to bones, and excess intake of this compound could lead to a serious bones problem. Another reason for staying away from processed food is being overweight. The more weight a person gain, the more the difficulties individuals have with their arthritis symptoms. As because of the weaker joints he might not be able to walk properly.

Use Heat Bags

Applying heat bags to painful areas aids in temporary relief from pain. It is more useful to use heated bags rather than heated bottles for a patient who has arthritis. It is advised from doctors arthritis patients should not to hold any weight for a period of time. Another reason to go for heat bags is it remains hot for a longer period than water bottles. This will give the patient more time to rest.

Vitamin D Check-ups

Vitamin D is essential for our bones and most of the patients suffer from arthritis due to deficiency of vitamin D. So visiting doctor daily or on alternate days will help the patient to get to know about his vitamin D deficiency status. The doctor might also suggest some supplements to overcome this deficiency which will contribute well towards patient’s health.

Do Not Hold Weight

Doctors suggest their patients stay away from carrying any weight as it makes joints situation much worse. When an arthritis patient is holding weight, the pressure exerts on the joints which make them weaker. For example, don’t hold a shopping bag in your hand as it will damage your hand and finger joints. The solution is to keep that shopping back in your forearm. In addition, be sure to avoid putting pressure on your elbow joints as well.